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Cozy Art Kids Time

What is "Cozy Art Kids Time" ?

"Cozy Art Kids Time" is a YouTube educational channel created by the Emmy award winning company, KOFX LLC. Although our company makes special effects makeup for adults mainly, we wanted to introduce the beauty of art to young ones. We made this channel for our kids and friends who want to learn art. We use crayons and colorful clay and create cute art. 


What do you need?

We keep tools and materials minimum. Only items you need are paper, a black pen, crayons, and playdough. (Eyes are optional.) 


Please subscribe.

Thank you so much for checking our channel!!

I hope you and your little ones like it. Please subscribe!


Videos are from 3 mins to 20 mins.

Since these videos are made for kids, we keep the length short. We basically make 3-7 minute videos. Some of them are 20 minutes which include multiple episodes, so you do not need to keep changing the channel or videos.

Please click the picture below to watch sample videos.

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Open Call for Future Artists!

Submit your art work & let's get it framed!!



(Dear parents, please read carefully and send it from your email address, not from your children’s addresses.)


1. A picture of your children’s art work.


*Crayon or Clay art preferred.

*Please take a picture with good lighting.

*If it is in bad lighting or people in it, it will be edited accordingly.


2. Nickname

*Please keep your nickname kids friendly.


3. Your country


4. Don't forget to subscribe this channel.

(We don't want you to miss the gallery episode with your art in it.)


5. Please send your art work and information above to:

(You will receive an automated confirmation email.)


**Art work galley episodes will be uploaded once a month - 2 months. It depends on how many submissions are in and how busy we are. If too many submissions are in at one time, the episode upload might delay. Please feel free to screenshot your “virtually” framed art work and print it out.


Good luck & enjoy art!!

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