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2022 The Emmy Award - Winner  / The Quest

2021 Make-up Artist & Hair Stylists Guild Award "MUAHS" - Nominee/ The Weeknd "In Your Eyes"

2019 Make-up Artist & Hair Stylists Guild Award "MUAHS"- Nominee / Justin Timberlake "Supplies"

2018 Make-up Artist & Hair Stylists Guild Award  "MUAHS"- Nominee / Katy Perry "Swish Swish"



All images ® 2022 Marc Bryan-Brown


The Emmy Award winning artist, Koji Ohmura is an owner of KOFX and a "Local 706" special effects makeup artist.

Since his arrival to the United States from Japan, he has worked on over 150 TV/Film productions and showed the possibilities of his skills on many screens such as "Lee Daniel's The Butler" (British Academy Awards nominated makeup team), "Behind the Candelabra" ( Emmy Winning makeup team), "Inception", "Supergirl", "Hawaii 5.0"

 and 10 years of "CSI: Las Vegas" 


Koji was born in Iwate, Japan and he grew up in his hometown of Morioka. In 2004, Koji moved to California after saving money for his college tuition. He met his life time mentor Lynda Shaeps at the College of the Desert. Lynda has taught Koji not only the basic skill of theatre makeup but also the knowledge of how to live in the entertainment industries. With the help of Lynda Shaeps, Koji was introduced to Hollywood's professional makeup artist Michael Mosher whom Koji interned with and learned special effects makeup from. Also, Koji trained with Hiroshi Katagiri within the arts of sculpting; this became Koji"s main skill. After graduating college, Koji moved to Hollywood, where he has worked at several workshops such as ADI. In 2006, Koji met Matthew W. Mungle who has been the biggest part of Koji's career.


Since Koji met Matthew, he has worked on many productions as a makeup artist. For over 10 years, Koji had  worked as a key artist at Matthew's workshop WM Creations Inc. where his main skills are sculpting, air brush painting, mold making, dental prosthetics, silicone casting, foam latex running, and prosthetic application.


In 2016, Koji joined IATSE Local 706. As WM Creations closed in Spring 2017, Koji opened his own company, Studio KOFX (Koji Ohmura Effects LLC) in Reseda, California.

Koji won 2022 Emmy Award for his special effects makeup in Disney Plus "The Quest" along with the Spectral Motion team, makeup artists, hair stylists and costume designers. KOFX team was nominated for the Best Makeup in Music Video category for the work in Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" in MUAHS Awards 2018 (Guild Awards), Justin Timberlake's "Supplies" in MUAHS Awards 2019, and The Weekend's "In Your Eyes" in MUAHS Awards 2021. Koji also received 2013 Emmy Award Winning Certificate for "Behind The Candelabra."

Koji's works can be seen in CSI:Las Vegas, Tyler The Creator, Resident Evil, Lights Out, Malignant, Hawaii 5.0, Big Bang Theory, NCIS LA, Mom, Fresh Off The Boat, and more!! 

ようこそEmmy Award受賞 KOFX(大村特殊造形工房)ウェブサイトへ!




そこでの経験をもとに2017年に独立。それとともにマシューマングルの工房WM Creationsは閉鎖。マシューの制作スタイルを引き継ぎ今に至ります。

近年の代表作はケイティーペリーやジャスティンティンバーレイク、ザ ウィーケンドのミュージックビデオ(どちらもハリウッドメイクアップ組合賞にノミネート。)やCSI、ハワイ5.0、NCIS LAなど。タイラーザクリエーターとは2017年より特殊メイクを現在まで担当。ほかにダミーヘッドやボディーを駆使した刑事ドラマを中心に活動中。そのほか老人メイクなどに力を入れています。

代表の大村は2022年にディズニーの参加作品「ザ クエスト」にてテレビ界のアカデミー賞であるエミー賞を受賞しております。



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All images ® 2022 Marc Bryan-Brown

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